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Lactation Issues
Lactation Services

Our providers have specialized whole person training in lactation issues. We can identify and treat most issues related to lactation and infant feeding. Our personalized care is based in both science and the needs of the family unit. 

Issues we assist with include

Slow Infant Weight Gain

Painful Latch

Difficulties with Latching

Nipple Damage


Feeding Multiples

Tongue, Lip, & Buccal Ties

Mastitis & Plugged Ducts

Low Milk Supply

Breast Pumping Challenges 

Bottle Feeding

Complex feeding issues

Lactation After Breast Surgery

Bottle to Breast Transition

Inducing Lactation & Relactating

Oversupply & Engorgement


Medically Complex Infants

We can help if your baby isn't gaining weight, you suspect there is a tongue-tie or lip-tie affecting breastfeeding, low milk supply, if you are having to supplement with formula, etc.

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