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Lactation Services & Mental Health Support

Lactation Services

At our clinic, we offer specialized whole person training in lactation issues. Our team of experts are equipped to identify and treat most issues related to lactation and infant feeding.

Lactation Consultant

The Knapp Clinic understands that every parent and infant are unique, and we believe that tailored care is crucial for successful breastfeeding/chestfeeding.


We acknowledge that parents do not fail at breastfeeding/chestfeeding, but rather, they are failed by support teams that lack proper training.


Our team is here to provide you and your baby with the support you need to achieve your goals.

Happy Dad

Postpartum Mental Health Conditions are the most common and most under treated pregnancy complication worldwide.

You are not alone.

You are not to blame.

With help, you will be well!

We offer knowledgeable, compassionate, and timely care to prevent and treat perinatal mood and anxiety disorders through medication management, wellness care planning, and appropriate community resources.

Father Holding Twins

Almost 80% of parents report not meeting their feeding goals. At The Knapp Clinic our purpose is to help you achieve your infant feeding goals whether that is by breast, bottle, or supplemental feeding systems. Every family should have the support they need to realize and achieve their goals.  

Every Family Deserves Support

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