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The Knapp Clinic

Welcome to The Knapp Clinic, where we provide specialized care for new parents and infants. Our dedicated Nurse Practitioner and Lactation Consultants are here to provide patient-driven lactation care, support families with breastfeeding/chestfeeding, bottle feeding, and provide perinatal mental healthcare.


With 15 over years of lactation and maternal-infant care experience, we are prepared and committed to guiding and supporting you through any obstacle so that you can meet your goals.


We believe that families succeed when we all work together, and we look forward to partnering with you and your family.

Jackie came into my life when I was so overwhelmed and unsure that I could continue breastfeeding my newborn. My daughter had lost about 10% of her body weight by that point and the pediatrician stated we would have to start supplementing with formula if she didn’t begin to put on weight. Jackie helped me to perfect my daughter’s latch which completely resolved the pain, frustration, and inadequacy I felt as a new mom and enabled me to enjoy the first experiences with my brand-new baby. Eventually the breastfeeding process became seamless, and we were able to continue our nursing journey for 12 months. This is 100% a testament to Jackie. Jackie is more than just an IBCLC, she was a friend to me during an extremely overwhelming time in my life. I’m forever grateful for the help she provided me at such a critical time, and I have nothing but outstanding things to say about her. Thank you for everything, Jackie!! -Denise St. Peter, MSOT, OTR/L, RN
I’ve known Jackie Cropper for the past several years spanning capacities as a valued RN turned NP, IBCLC, fellow mother, friend, and veteran. She is one of the most passionate women I’ve ever met when it comes to health advocacy and the care of women and babies. She has extensive education and training in pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation and has helped hundreds of couplets successfully meet birth and parenting goals. I personally sought her care when I encountered my own difficulties breastfeeding and learned so much beyond my own medical training. Jackie is also experienced with the evaluation of oral ties and utilizes a trustworthy resource list to get families the help they need when issues require more of a team approach. I couldn’t possibly recommend her support more highly and wish every family had access to her for their lactation needs. -Jennifer Hudson, DO
Isaac was born at 37 weeks. It was scary, but he came out tough. If I remember correctly, you were there for the delivery (or it was Rachel, it's been 11 years!). I remember the kindness that you had when you came into my room for a third time in about 2 hours telling me that I needed to feed him again because his blood sugar was still low. I remember almost crying and you telling me, it's alright, let's give him a bottle and you just rest. I was concerned about it confusing him, but you were so quick to say, he needs it, you need it. We can try nursing again when you are rested. It was the best advice. I ended up nursing him for 9 months. The longest of all my kids, and it was because you told me that I needed to rest. Every time I see you post something, I think about how you were truly there for me with a brand new, sort of preemie baby. I will be eternally grateful to you. -Angie Zahn

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